Will Your Home Age Gracefully With You???

I often hear from clients who are worried about their parents (or themselves) when it comes to living in their home through their retirement years.  There are lots of reasons why a dream home can become a retirement nightmare as we age.  From safety issues to neighborhood concerns, there are numerous factors which impact whether or not a home is ideal as we get older.  Consider:

1. Falling / slipping hazards.  Are bathrooms designed with mobility challenges in mind?  Are the surfaces we once loved (hardwood, tile, concrete) now slipping hazards?

2. Accessibility.  Is a second story practical?  Will stairs become a painful hassle in years ahead?

3. Entrapment.  Could locks in the house be inadvertently engaged, trapping a resident in a back bedroom or bathroom without access to medicine or lines of communication?

4. Right-sizing. Is the home still appropriate for the number of residents?  Will it be a maintenance or upkeep hassle now that kids or spouses may no longer be in the house?

5. Neighborhood safety.  How as a neighborhood improved or declined in recent years?  What’s projected to happen in the next 10?  20?

 6. Walkability. Are you planning to keep and drive a car as you age?  How close are grocery stores, drug stores, hospitals, entertainment venues, and restaurants?  Are you in a relatively isolated area?  How close do you want your neighbors to be?

This is but a fraction of the full list, but a good place to begin thinking about the years ahead.  I love helping home owners evaluate properties with an eye on getting the most out of retirement.

If you’re interested in a free consultation with these issues (and more!) in mind, please don’t hesitate to me today: 805-701-8410 or e-mail me at florence@BchRealEstate.com

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Specializing in beach and marina properties at the Channel Islands Harbor on California's Gold Coast located halfway between Malibu and Santa Barbara.
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