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Did You Know?

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Wait a Year…It Won’t Matter?

There is a frequently quoted expression “more money has been lost from indecision than was ever lost from making a bad decision.” Regardless of the extent of its accuracy, most people can recall when procrastination has cost them money. There … Continue reading

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The Perfect Last Minute Gift

It’s part of holiday tradition to celebrate with family and friends and to share gifts with our loved ones. There’s no measuring how much is spent on the combined effort and money to find the perfect gift. The challenge is … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Quick Facts

Pumpkin Quick Facts Pumpkins are not vegetables, they’re fruits. Technically, they are berries – very BIG berries. In 1584, the French explorer Jacques Cartier reported that he had found “gros melons,” which translated into English as “ponpions,” or pumpkins. In … Continue reading

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Did you Know?

On October 18, 1867 the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million President Andrew Johnson signed the agreement on May 28, 1867.  Title transferred to the United States on October 18th.

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