Rhumb Line Restaurant in Ventura

Rhumb Line Restaurant, also known as the Sunset Restaurant at Ventura Harbor has opened. Formerly the Scotch and Sirloin or Longboards located at the boatyard -1510 Anchors Way Drive.  One of the most picturesque locations in the Harbor.

Great Happy Hour with fantastic sunsets!!  Check it out!

For more information and make your reservation on line go to www.rhumblineventura.com or call 805-642-1200

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Specializing in beach and marina properties at the Channel Islands Harbor on California's Gold Coast located halfway between Malibu and Santa Barbara.
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1 Response to Rhumb Line Restaurant in Ventura

  1. Richard says:

    I have been a customer since you opened. In the past it has been a good experience to eat at your restaurant. Now the way the food is prepared is really a shame. Along with the high prices for the quality of the food I will never return.
    My wife and I went there Saturday , May 3rd for dinner.
    We wanted to split the shrimp salad but were told it was additional $4 to split the salad. Your price for this salad is $18 and it was horrible.

    I don’t know if you have a new chef or the chef has no longer any taste buds. The shrimp were seared over a fire and tasted burnt and bitter. No seasoning whatsoever on the shrimp. The salad had a mango dressing. Again the dressing tasted more like oil than mango. The dressing was just mango juice or nectar and oil. It needed acid to bring out the flavor, lime juice or rice wine vinegar would have helped even some salt. The salad was terrible.

    My wife ordered Filet Mignon medium rare and since she is a diabetic she asked for vegetables in place of the potato, guess what? You now add an additional charge to swap out the potato for vegetables. Her steak was RARE to RAW.
    I ordered the Rib eye steak rare, it was medium well done. We showed the waitress how our meat was cooked and she said they would deduct 10% from the bill, she deducted $7 off the $100 plus dollar bill. I know that 10% of over a $100 dollar bill is not $7.
    Needless to say, for the price of the food and the quality and way it was prepared, we will NEVER be back.

    Disappointed Customers

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